Thursday, July 30, 2009

Somedays Birthdays are a nightmare.....

Or at least it feels that way this year, and I'm not even talking about my own. I'm having a ideas crisis when it comes to my almost 5yr olds birthday present. we've got the bag, the lunch box.....and then I'm stuck!!!

It was her last day at kindy today and I thought she might have wanted to make a bigger deal about it, but she treated it like any other day at kindy and when we arrived to pick her up she just got her bag and off we went........ She is looking forward to her first day of school on Tuesday, bu then to those who know her, know that this day hasn't come fast enough for here!

Fan numbers on the Little Lizzies Facebook page are continuing to rise, yippee!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Lizzies has 100 fans on Facebook

Actually when I checked a few mintues ago it had reached 109 fans! So I must say a big THANK YOU to all those lovely people who have joined and have left lovely comments about my stuff.

Thw winner of the 100 Fan Giveaway, was Louise Tanguay and she has chosen the Boy's Asymmetric Poncho. Congratulations Louise, it will be coming your way very shortly!

Our house at the moment is busy busy with the planning for my youngests 5th birthday and my older daughters 7th birthday party. They were very well planned and have only 4 days seperating their birthdays which means birthday parties two weekends in a row! With my youngest starting school I will be taking some time to enjoy my child free days before throwing myself headlong into getting everything up and the countdown is on!

Friday, July 24, 2009

One Giveaway Prize finished……

One to go!

I have finished one of the two ponchos I have on offer for when my fan page hits 100 fans. I only have about 12 more to go to hit the magic number… Yay me!!

giveaway 001

Here its the Asymmetric Poncho for girls……

In this Picture it is being shown on my 7 yr old daughter ( and despite the sunny day she wasn’t in the mood for playing model)

giveaway 007

My Fashion Diva was much happier about playing model, but wouldn’t stand still so hopefully I have got some good pictures.

giveaway 010

giveaway 011

It would fit from 4yrs till 7yrs and is made from 100% NZ Wool.

Check My fan page for instructions and handy hints for caring for woollen garments!

Now all I have to is make up the Boys one, hit 100 fans and draw a winner!

The winner will get a choice of either the boys or girls poncho!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To Giveaway…..

Three children…..Just kidding! But I am doing a Giveaway on my Facebook Fan Page. when I hit 100 fans I will Giveaway an Asymmetrical Poncho, which I am making especially for it. Actually I’m making two; one for a boy and one for a girl so that then the winner can choose which ever one suits them best! No point in giving away a pink one if the winner has boys!!

knitwear 014

This is the wool that I have chosen. The Green and Blue balls obviously for a boy (or girl) and the Pink and Purples for a girl.

The Green/Blue balls are 100% Merino and the Pink?Purple is 100% NZ Wool.

I am busy getting them made up now, so hopefully I can get them finished before I hit 100 fans!

Winner will be drawn at random some how!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Running Out of Wool

Never thought I would ever say that I ws running out of something, but I am seriously running out of wool. I still have a bit left but its all part enough for headbands and possible a shrug or two, but not enough for my ponchos! Bummer.....oh well gives me an excuse to go looking for more wool this week and Issy wants to go for a ride on the Bus, so we might have to checkout all the new Op Shops we found over in Greerton.... or maybe I could convince my Hubby to take uson a trip to Rotorua so that I can visit Spotlight.......thats right we don't have Spotlight here in Tauranga, its really annoying at times, but its probably better for the bank balance!!

School Holidays are over here so I'm now trying to get back into the routine of sewing/knitting during the day.... though routine is only going to change again in two weeks as my baby turns five and starts school and I'll try and get in some 'Me' time....... cafe's here I come!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Poncho Finished


The yarn used for this Asymmetric Poncho is a mixture of Cotton and Rayon, in really funky retro green and orange shades.  The good thing about the yarn was that it was knitted on larger needles, and so had more stretch… so I can show you how versatile the Asymmetric Poncho can be!

littlelizzies 001 This Picture is of the Poncho a Tailors Form (approx 8/9yrs). Here the neck has been rolled like a Skivvy (turtle neck)…….

littlelizzies 002Here the orange colour is to the front and the green more to the back with more of a cowl/gathered neckline……..

littlelizzies 003 

Here the green is more to the front, draped more like a traditional poncho and again with a cowl neckline…..

littlelizzies 006 In this picture, to show how versatile they really are, I have put it on my 5 yr old (ok she’s not quite 5…but its only 2 weeks away)…. now she is small for her age and still fits size 4 clothes…………

littlelizzies 011

Notice how the neckline sits wider across her shoulders and again takes on a rolled neckline……

An Asymmetric Poncho can last your child for ages………..!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ideas Ideas Ideas…..

Some days I never seem to have a shortage of ideas of things I want to make/create, actually I often have too many ideas buzzing around in my head and struggle to get them all down. More often its while in the process of jotting down idea that another will come to me….. it makes it very hard to remain focused on the first idea and then of course I have to make a decision as to which idea to start first…… that is why around my house there are often lots of projects started but not necessarily finished, doesn’t help that I make my decision based upon whatever coloured thread I happen to have in my machine at the time………..

My latest project I have started

knitwear 007 (but seeing i have pink thread on the machine it may be a few days before it progress’ further.)

This would have to be my favourite piece of fabric at the moment knitwear 010 but its a lining fabric, so I will need to either make a waistcoat

or a jacket to use it…

or come up with something completely different…..

Another Project that I have started is this Scarf,

knitwear 013

Its made from Bamboo/Cotton Yarn, and has been puzzling me for weeks as it needed something but I wasn’t sure what.

I think I’ve figured it out… it needs a Stickpin Brooch to go with it, now I’ve just got to make one…(another idea)

My best score from the Op Shop recently would have to be this cone of yarn.  I think it contains cotton, but not 100% sure.knitwear 006

But it only cost $2.50……. Bargain!!

School Holidays are almost finished, and before I know it my youngest will be at school……. then I can spend my days (well 9am – 3pm) at my sewing machine.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

School Holidays are for Knitting

Its about all the kids will let me do….especially on rainy winter days when they want to watch TV.  With that the case I have got a few more items knitted up….knitwear 001A Lavender Bamboo Shrug (Size 2-4), plus a matching a head band.

knitwear 004

I have also made up another Asymmetric Poncho in a Cotton/Blend knitwear 002This would fit from a NB to at least an 18mnth old. Though the way it will sit on an older child will differ to that from a younger child..


In addition to looking for a Market to sell my stuff at I have also been investigating the different online options, especially when I have a very small budget to work with. There are the established places like Trade Me or Etsy or eBay, but was interested in finding something a little bit smaller in size so as not to get lost amongst the multitude of sellers and also something that had a NZ focus…. and I think I found it. Little Kiwis Nest is a NZ site for the selling of NZ products created for children and babies. Check it out, there are a lot of great products on their already it can only get bigger!

So that is one more thing I can check off my list……..

……When the Little Lizzies Fan Page hits 100 we will be doing a giveaway…….just got to decide what to giveaway!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am still alive....

just in case my friends out there in the blogosphere had wondered wher I had

We are heading into the last week of school holidays here and the countdown to my youngests 5th not much work has been done. In saying that the needles have been going click clack a lot when I'm not complaining about how cold it is ( I thought it was usually warm in the winter her...not freezing cold). So far I have been playing around with a bamboo/cotton blend scarf...want to decorate it but not sure how or with what, also have finished knitting a lavender Bamboo ribbon shrug (just got to sew it up) and have started on a Cotton/Acrylic Blend Asymmetrical Poncho in pastel pink and purple colours....phots will be coming soon.

I would aslo like to thank all those lovely people who have started following my blog and also to those lovely people who have become fans of my facebook page.... we have almost hit 40 fans!!! It is very exciting to watch. Please remember I love to get feedback so please feel free to comment on all the things you like..etc!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dress Up Day at Kindy

Today was Dress Up day at my youngest daughters kindy…. it was all in the aid of raising money for ‘The Big Night In’ on the 8/9 August. Well it started well the planning for this dress up… first she wanted to be a princess, and then she wanted to be a bat and then she decided on being a fairy princess. I thought well that should be easy, we’ve got plenty of wings floating around the house and there was suppose to be a fairy type dress somewhere in the girls bedroom…..But no we couldn’t find the dress and then when we looked at the wings closer we realised that they really weren’t in a fit state to be seen outside the house……. So it was mum to the rescue, and while I didn’t have time to make a fairy dress, I di however make her some very funky wings….and guess what she won best fairy princess!! Yay me!!!

issys wingsThe winning wings….. I patchworked scraps together and the ironed onto some stiff interfacing…though would love to stiffen it up a bit more so they stayed upright.

Hopefully she doesn’t expect too much for the Kindy disco next week……lol

Monday, July 6, 2009

School Holidays are Here.....

Fun Fun Fun....Ok I do enjoy the holidays but never the ones in the middle of winter as we often end up stuck inside watching TV or the kids are each other batty. At least over the summer we can head across the road to the beach to build sandcastles or go for a swim... or we can even take a walk down to the rocks around the base of Mount Mauao to look for crabs and starfish or even just walk down the road to the park for a swing.

So not much sewing will get done over the next couple of weeks, but I will probably get more knitting done...especially seeing I found an old knitting book in the op shop the other day and It had a few interesting patterns I would love to try and make and eventually adapt! The one that caught my attention was a knitted sleep sack... actually it had two different patterns so it should be fun playing around with them! At the moment though I have started knitting a creamy yellow shrug to go with my xmas dress', using a Bamboo/Merino blend Yarn and have also started a Lavender 100% Bamboo Shrug as well.

I have also checked out a new market that started in the Mount and will look at having a stall there come September.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Checking things off my list....

I am checking things off my business list, today it was setting up a Fan Page on Facebook, whcih is very exciting to watch the number of fans increase. Ok at the moment the are mainly friends but it is still very exciting and feels very grown up. Tomorrow I'm checking out a new Market at the Mount, which may suit better as it is every saturday from 10am - 2pm..... just a bit more family friendly than the one I was intending to go to. The advantage is the person running this one use to run the other one (hope that make sense) so hopefully if I decided to do this new market it wont be too hard to secure a spot! The only thing I need now is for the weather to be nice and sunny tomorrow so I can have a nice walk down!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yesterday was a fun day….

Instead of sewing I went to see my daughter do her final session at RDA (Riding for the Disabled), which she was very excited about!! I went out with one of the other mums and stood outside, while the weather tried really hard to rain. Thankfully the rain waited until after my daughters session so we were able to see her and her horse go through their exercises! My daughter has had so much fun participating in this and it has improved her balance no end…… here is a picture I took of her on the horse.molly 014 Don’t you lover her tartan pants!!! 

Today I’m back at the sewing machine and have done some more on my sons trousers….they aren’t going too bad considering I haven’t done a Trouser Fly since I did my course over 6yrs ago…at least the fabrics was cheap so if it looks horrible it wont be a costly mistake…. lol …. but then again my son would probably still wear them just because I made them! Not much more to do on them….but I’ve been banned from the overlocker again by my fashion it might be the weekend before I get them finished!