Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holidays are over...Schools Back

Time for some 'ME' time again! Only problem now is that of course the next lot of school holidays looming on the horizon are the Xmas ones......I suppose I had better start thinking about Xmas shopping etc! Keep your eyes peeled for our Xmas themed range of knitwear...lots of reds and whites of course!

This term is another busy one for us with Junior School production; Christmas in the Feild at School and of course the Xmas work functions....which this year we should really go to - usually we can't make it because its hard to find babysitters, but not this year! I've recently been busy making birthday presents for both of my daughters friends, with two more parties this weekend to go to and one of them is fancy dress, so I have also been busy making a Fairy Costume as far so good, its just about finished!

We have finally joined the twitter craze....the fact that I could link it to the facebook page was a bonus! Come follow us @LittleLizzies