Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Countdown has begun..........

Its not long now until Little Lizzies begins selling on Little Kiwis Nest, actually all going to plan I should be ready for the September 1 deadline I set myself. I have loaded product, got my head around html code and other than a bit of boring stuff (but very important if I want to make money) still left to do! At this stage I have listed about 10 items but of course I'll keep adding more stuff each week from pile of lovely things already made and of course I'll continue to create more and more fun things! The big one to watch out for would be my Adult sized Asymmetric Ponchos as I have had lots of requests/interest in these.

Now its not long till the end of the month..... and if you want to be into win a little gift for yourself then get inviting your friends to join our fan page on facebook. Once the end of the month rolls over then only our 250th fan will get a gift......but if we get there before the end of the month I will make a second random draw......that lucky person might just be you!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Watch this space…….coming soon!

Its almost launch time here at Little Lizzies and soon you will be able to buy our wonderfully unique and funky knitted accessories for you and your kids. A big thanks must go out to Suzan and Amy @ Little Kiwis Nest for providing a beautiful website for selling lots of lovely stuff…… its NZ’s answer to Etsy! So it wont be long now until instead of coming soon you will see LAUNCH LAUNCH…YAY!


Things are busy here at the moment trying to get new designs made and photographed plus trying to fit in coffees with friends before I get busy and not just with Little Lizzies. Next term we begin planning in earnest for our big School Gala Day next year and as its in early March we have to start planning soon……….. The Gala Day looks exciting with plans to get some piglets and have races, it should be lots of fun!!

Stay tuned for our launch…….will think of some interesting promos/contests/giveaways to coincide with it.


P.S check out the fan page for some more quirky designs and don’t forget our current giveaway…..there is only 11 days left in the month to reach 250 fans to win!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Helping at School…..

I enjoy being able to help out at school, whether it be on the fundraising committee, parent helping on trips or helping out with costumes at production time! Just recently I have helped out at the school sausage sizzle, money from which helps subsidise the end of year class trips and next term we are about to start planning our end of year Xmas Picnic and School Gala Day for next year…… which will hopefully be just as popular as last year, especially if we can get some piglets to race! But we also like to show the teachers and the rest of the school staff that we appreciate everything they do for our kids, and so this year we started the Fairy Godmother programme, where each week a teacher would be shown a random act of kindness, whether it be home cooked meal, baking, vouchers for a massage etc and the teachers are loving it, with many finding there ROAK, arrives when they really need it. I’m in the process of planning my gift for my ROAK, not so random really as its for my daughters Teacher Aide and I’ve been waiting for her name to come up. She has been with my daughter since she started school and does so much for her from buying birthday presents to providing rewards for her good behaviour at school… so now its our turn. I’m busy knitting up one of my ponchos for her (hopefully the pattern adapts ok) in lovely Storm Grey and Mauve colours……. Do you ever do anything random for your teachers at school, even just a thank you card or flowers from the garden, it might just make there day!


Don’t forget the August Giveaway on the Fan Page

Will one of your friends be our

250th Fan?

Will we get there before the end of August?

A Second Random Draw will happen if we do

It might just be You!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looking forward to warmer weather…..

……and with it comes the summer wardrobe! What better to add to your children’s wardrobes this year than one of our funky knitted accessories!

littlelizzies 001

This is one of my latest creations, perfect for sunny days over a sundress to keep the sun off the shoulders!

This one is a size 6–9yrs and is a Retro Style Cotton/Viscose blend yarn.


It is shown on a size 8/9 yrs (approx) tailors form, and will drape a little bit differently for a younger child. While the size states 6-9 yrs, it can be worn by an older child as long as they can still get it over their head….again it will drape slightly differently from how it is shown here, but this does allow for longer use of the garment!


……..All the birthday parties here are now finished for the year…yay!! My youngest has now been at school for a week and is loving it! I am having some very lovely me time and are slowly reorganising the house….starting with my girls room. So far I have sorted out their clothes and reorganised their books, the next task will be to sort out their toys!


Next fan page giveaway will be too our 250th fan and if we get there before the end of August I might just do a random draw as well!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It must be almost spring

The last few days we have been having some beautiful sunny weather and it is starting to feel more like the winterless North again. The extra bonus is that spring weather tends to arrive early here and so does the summer sun..... so fingers crossed the sunny weather is here to stay! Sunny Spring days are not always the hottest with those lovely cooling spring breezes so a perfect way to top off your daughters outfits ......especially those whose daughters think that the hit of sunny means sundress' and tank tops..... is one of Little Lizzies Shrugs!!

My daughter has been enjoying here first few days at school and has settled in just as if she had always being going..... though I suppose with two older siblings it probably feels that way at times. The bonus is that she comes home and does here homework by herself without too much if she could only teach the older two how to do this and life would be soo much easier.

This weekend see's party number 2 happen....yep thats right I have kids with birthdays close together, 4 days between them to be precise. At least this party is way better organised, the 6/7yr old girls are going to be making badges, friendship bracelets and singing their little hearts ou with disney sing it..... think sing star but with all those trendy tweeny disney songs that are around at the moment., if you know who the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montanna and the kids from Camp Rock then you will understand! It might drive us insane but no doubt the girls will have a blast! The cake is baked just got to decorate it tomorrow with lots of glittery icing, to get that whole rockstar effect!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

They are all at school...Wahoo!!!

Now its time for me.....well for at least a few weeks and then all my time will be taken up by business type stuff! Not that I wont be thinking about the business during the 'me' time.... it'll just be all the fun stuff!

At the moment I'm trying to be organised and have began putting ideas down for the next lot of competitons to be run through the Fan Page and also the Blog. So far I'm thinking of doing competitons/giveaways for the following things (just rememeber these are just ideas at the moment!):
  • 250 Facebook Fans
  • Xmas Giveaway (possible a dress/shrug or waistcoat/pants)
  • The launch of Little Lizzies
  • ........need more ideas!

Actually I need to tell my mind not to keep coming up with more ideas, its getting pretty crowded in their and need to concentrate!

I have been making or should that be creating more ponchos/capelets/accessories....somedays I don't know what to call some of them, as they seem to just be more organic in creation rather than by design, so if you something you like grab it, as I may not be able to create another one on I just aim for something and sometimes it just doesn't lend itself towards the intial idea and morphs into something else, but its much more exciting that way!

I will post some photos of the new stuff soon, just got to get more batterries for the camera!

Don't forget if you see something on the fan page that you like say so..... some of it is even available to be sold, so just ask! Also don't forget to introduce your friends to the wonderful world of Little Lizzies!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Silly Technology.....

You don't realise how much rely on somehing until it breaks down, in my case it happens to be fast broadband and a good computer. The kids of course consisitently use up our broadband limit way too fast (even though we have doubled it) and now to add to the issue the hard drive on the desktop is packing a sad and refuses to start up......except when it wants to. This has meant the I am having to use our very slow and old laptop to keep in touch with all my cyber buddies, my blog, my social networks and my fan page! Oh well it wont be for long, but it does mean I wont be loading photos any time soon...

My youngest daughter starts school tomorrow and then begins some much needed me time, though knowing me, it wont be a lot of sitting around doing nothing.....I always need to be doing something. I have started thinking of all the things that I could do, like catch up on some reading, getting the vege garden ready, make some clothes for my kids rather than to sell and sort out my cupboards and if I get really bored I can always make a start on sorting out the garage......we'll see. No doubt the first few days I will either flounder round the house looking lost or will be out walking and looking around the shops and will probably spend sometime trying out all the cafes (especially if they have yummy cakes on offer).