Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Watch out Blog.....

My new camera is almost here and then I'll be filling you with all the photos i've been wanting to take for the last few weeks!!

Maybe I should tidy my workspace before I get too snap happy...... it kind of gets rather messy when I'm making stuff. My table is covered with fabric and half finished clothing, the floor around it has patterns everywhere and little bits of fabric, cotton and lace (and not to mention the odd pin or two)!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Russian Nesting Dolls....

My kids are fascinated with the set I have and would play with them for ours if I let them and these days you can find them everywhere. They are definetly the latest thing at the moment and have not been restricted to more traditional forms - I have actually seen nesting Kiwis and Nesting Maori Warriors in many a Souvenier Shop here in the Mount, but the coolest form of these iconic dolls I have seen would have to be those on offer by Lola & Ben , these aren't play toys but large wall decals to put on your childs wall, produced exclusively for them.

These are very much the 'must have' item of the year!

To celebrate the launch of this new item to their collection, Lola & Ben are offering

Free delivery on all Wall Decals

For the month of June

just enter DECAL at the checkout!

So be in Quick!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Building tents inside…

My youngest daughter loves building tents and huts inside, usually for just her and her toys while watching T.V…Nothing fancy just blankets and cushions and stools, but she has loads of fun all the same, but on a cold day like it is today it does sound nice and cosy!

Yesterday was a busy day with the older two having their school cross country…neither of them are running superstars, but they compete all the same, my daughter crossed the line  at the back of the pack, waving at everyone as though she was walking on to the Red Carpet at a movie premiere, was very cute! After cross country my youngest and I rushed home to have lunch so I could get here to kindy, before I had to get to a fundraising meeting at school – at which we were reminded to start thinking about ideas for our School Fair/Gala Day to be held in the first term of next year……….more on that later! So not much sewing got done.

Thinking about that, i should really go and get some sewing done now, before my hands get to cold!!

P.S. I should have my new camera by Wednesday at the latest…YAY!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I’m getting a new camera….YAY!!!!

That’s right the Insurance company has accepted our claim on the camera and we should have our new camera very soon…just have to wait a little bit longer as the store has to order it in. The I’ll be very busy taking pictures of the ideas I’ve had and all the items I have finished!!

Very busy here at the moment between the kids stuff and sewing. Tonight the girls have Fun Ferns netball, tomorrow the older two have school cross country and then I have a Fundraising meeting at school in the afternoon. In addition to this I am trying to get some PJ’s made up for my youngest, PJ pants made for my eldest, and are trying to make a Dry Sheet for my youngest child’s bed – its being made with Navy Blue Flannelette with The Wiggles on it, which will then give four to use over the winter when I can’t always get the washing dried quickly! Not that you can really call it winter up here, where it is still relatively warm unlike our friends in the South Island who are expecting snow to very low levels! we experienced that 3 yrs ago and I’m quite happy not to be worrying about snow anymore, though the kids would love to build a snow man again.DSCF0325

This is my older two with their snow man during a big snow storm.

Timaru 2006




Right I had better go find some bias binding to finish this Dry Sheet, so my daughter can use it tonight!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Waiting for the Insurance company....

To say yes to a new camera... The drop from the bench at home didn't just break the camera it killed it! Hopefully it gets approved soon, as I'm going into massive snap happy withdrawl without it. Of course Murphy's law is also in play and this weekend was my sons 9th Birthday Party, and yep we have no camera to record the occasion..... might not be a bad thing seeing that our supposed 'Wow' activity kind of flopped... maybe if we had did a bit more research we would have worked out exactly how to ge the best performance out of a bottle of Diet Coke and a handful of Mentos. Oh well there is alwasy next time and the boys still all enjoyed themselves running around on the beach for half an hour!

On the creative front I have just finished making a little ensemble for a friend's new baby girl... (Murphy's Law strikes again), as well as some skirts and are currently working on a funky top! Also need to make so moe winter clothes for my girls, especially trousers and sweatshirts or cardys!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Winter has arrived except…..

This is suppose to be the winterless north, where it is always warm (well relative to the South Island. A massive hailstorm hit parts of Mount Maunganui turning it into a winter wonderland, much to the enjoyment of the kids! I enjoyed all the thunder and lightening that with it! really nice weather for curling up on the couch with a blanket and a book!

With winter in mind I have been able to spend more time adding the finishing touches to many of my sewing projects. whether it be adjusting straps, adding buttons, or writing words on pinafores with fabric paint! I have also been busy making presents for all the babies due to arrive soon in my circle of friends… last count there were 5 babies due, including one set of twins, so the knitting needles have been going flat out trying to get things finished!

We are still without a camera, but has progressed from the kitchen bench to the camera shop for repairs, that is if it is repairable! There will be lots of photos to be taken once it returns!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I hope all the Mothers out there have a wonderful Mothers day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just when I’ve got lots to photograph…..

…….the camera decides it no longer wishes to work properly! Its just darn annoying as now that my new tailors dummy has arrived, I’ve been having so much fun playing around with combinations of things that i already have made up, and using many of my accessories in new and interesting ways. Even more gutted because i didn’t get a picture of my daughter all dressed up as Sleeping Beauty on Friday………. Oh well these things happen…………… Might have to see if i can borrow a friends!