Monday, September 28, 2009

School Holidays.......

...and of course its raining and blowing up a gale outside! I've already had to rush outside and rescue the seedlings that were on the deck, fingerscrossed they will survive their ordeal. The weekend though had been lovely, I even got more plants planted in the vege garden - peas, butter beans and pumpkin seeds.

This last week has been busy with organising/planning what to make for presents for the parties that the girls have been invited to. One is going to a 5yr old party and the other is going to a 7yr old party. The later party is also fancy dress, so a fairy costume must also be orgainised (sewn)! So far I've finished a top for the 5yr old birthday girl........ just need to make some accessories to go with it and I have started on a top (of sorts) for the 7yr old!

Well had better get back to the knitting and also keeping the kids from going to nutty on this very wet start to the holidays......please please let there be sun at some stage over the holidays!!

Oh and before I forget...I made my first sale through Little Kiwis Nest on Thursday night and will be posting a capelet across to a fellow Kiwi, based in........FRANCE!!!! Heehee it is so very exciting!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Beautiful Day

I intended to take photos this weekend, and so I did but instead of my clothing/knitwear, I ended up taking pictures on our walk around Mt Mauao instead. The Fashio Diva decided that it the wind was too cold to stand outside earlier in the afternoon on Sunday for photos (and it rained on the Saturday), but by late afternoon the wind had died down, but of course now the kids wanted to head down to the Mt because it was low tide, so they could find starfish and hermit crabs in the rockpools!
It really was a beautiful day, with lots of yachts out on the harbour. The kids had a ball walking around the shoreline, clambering over rocks and then back up on to the main track, looking out for all the lambs on the Mt itself! Really is beginning to feel like just to get the lovely warm water for swimming!
Don't forget the Launch Competition finishes this Friday (NZT)! Make sure you tell all your frineds about it!
Had better get back to work.......I can hear the knitting needles calling me to come sit out on the deck in the sun and knit!
I will also be putting up some xmas dress' up on soon, just got to make a few more different ones, in both bigger and smaller sizes! So keep your eyes open for that.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is now Tweeting.....

I have finally joined the Twitter age...... though it helps that I can connect it to my facebook fanpage, so I don't need to be constantly updating both independently..Yay!! So if you want to follow me on twitter you can here!

Have had a few entries in for the Launch Competition - What is your favourite thing about Spring? - on the fan page, competition ends on the 25th September (NZT), so you had better get in quick. The Prize pacakage has already been decided on and if you look at the photo album called Giveaways, you will see what it is!

Have begun planting veges in my garden this morning, thanks to a friend who gave to me some of her surplus of seedlings. So far we have tomatoes, zuchinni, pumpkin, peas, beans and cucumber planted. I still need to plant the broccoli, capiscum, eggplant another tomato plant and sweetcorn, but they need to grow a bit bigger before planting out so they are enjoying the shelter and warmth on the deck! So now all I need to get is some more sweetcorn, lettuce, herbs and of course strawberries and we'll be set for the summer!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Sewing Machine must be feeling lonely....... its been a few weeks since I have spent any great length of time at it, but that will change as with the coming of Spring and Summer just around the corner, the kids all need a few new clothes.....shorts are especially in short supply (haha)! Time to dig around in my piles of fabric to find some new inspiration for the coming season. On the knitting front I have finished a few more items, though many them still seem to call out for Autumn and Winter rather than Spring and Summer. oh well its always cold somewhere! At least I have a few more balls of cotton yarn and lightweight Acrylic to play around with....thought I might try my hand at knitting up some summer tops!

I have listed quite few things now on Little Kiwis Nest, so if you haven't checked them out yet then toddle on over to the website or you could checkout the blog to keep up with the new stores as they join!

I had fun this weekend trying to get my little fashion diva, to behave while taking more product shots.....lots of them weren't really any good, but then thats the good thing about digital cameras, the dud shots don't cost you anything!

Both of these are available for sale at Little Kiwis Nest.

One last photo to add, just for Steph at MooBear Designs.....I have been meaning to post this up for the last month (naughty me).
My daughter really loves this T-shirt that Steph designed for her, she gets excited everytime she gets to wear it! She's a real horsey girl and loved going to RDA when it was her schools turn! Thanks Steph!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spring is here and the flowers are blooming!

Spring is a fun time of year with all the little lambs and flower blossoms and of course the warmer weather! The kids are counting down until the school holidays as with this warmer weather we will spend a good chunk of the day across the road at the beach building sandcastles....not quite swimming weather but its not that far away either. When we aren't over a the beach we will be out the back busy in our vege garden, which so far doesn't have any plants in it, but hopefully in the next couple of weekends we'll plant sweet corn, peas, beans, courgettes(zuchinni) and lots of herbs, ready to harvest by Xmas!

With Spring in mind, I have finally organised another competition on my facebook page, and all you need to do is tell me what your favourite thing is about Spring..... just put your comment under the post about the competition and be into win a Little Lizzies Prize Package.....still nutting out the deatils of what will all be in the package so stay tuned for that!! Don't forget to tell all your friends about it!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ooops.. the link didn't work

so I'll try again in a new post!

So if you want to check out my knitwear online (and available for purchase) then you need to come visit us at Little Kiwis Nest. They also have a blog where you can find out even more about the lovely girls who got Little Kiwis Nest up and running!!

I have been busy planning and creating more ponchos, scarfs and anything else I can think of to knit. So far after a very fruitful trip to spotlight I have finished one scarf (will list it soon), one Asymmetric Poncho (just needs to be sewn up) and are half way through an Adults Asymmetric Poncho. In addition to this I have also volunteered to help make costumes for the Seneior school production.... I said I would do the rock'n'roll skirts for the dancers, so hopefully there isn't too many of them and they are simple like the notice said so I can get them finished pretty quick....production is in 3 weeks (2 weeks till dress rehearsal).
In the weekend I was busy at school again, helping out with the endless job of fundraising, this time we were busy counting 'bucks' which is used at the Brews Blues and BBQ's event in January. Was a pretty mindless job but the committe made a nice amount out of it, so that is all good. Next term will be even busier for us as we begin planning for the School Gala Day next year....usually we would wait until after the xmas school holidays to get serious planning done, but next year we are planning to have piglet races (so cute), so it has to be in early March! Oh and then of course next term its the junior schools turn to do production! Maybe I should just sit back and enjoy these last few weeks of quiet!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Big Day is Here!!!!!

From today you can now buy Little Lizzies knitted accessories online! We joined the community of WAHMs at Little Kiwis Nest and now our Store is open for business!!! So far I have listed just over 10 items, but keep coming back to check as I will be listing more stuff all the time.......I just need to take more photo's of all the items that I have already made and of course all the new stuff to come! I hope to have a couple of Adult Assymetric Ponchos up soon, just deciding on the colours!!

While you are looking at my store, don't forget to take some time to checkout all the other cool items being made by other WAHMs right here in New Zealand, such as Made it Baby, Natural Star, Holland Designs, and so much more!


Also stay tuned for a Launch Competition......just working out the details!

Don't forget to keep suggesting to all your friends.... remember that the 250 fan wins a gift!