Thursday, November 12, 2009

6 weeks till xmas......(insert screaming)

Its only 6 weeks till xmas everyone informs, and I'm so not ready for it. Its not that I've got heaps of shopping to do still (which I do), its more that I'm not ready for 2010 to come yet! 2010 means my sone will be turning 10 and in his last year at primary school which means that its only two more years and he'll be at High School, so not ready for it, its bad enough that at 9.5 he's almost as tall as me and no doubt at some point next year he will be as tall as if not taller than me.......oh well at least he's easy to buy presents for, books, books, science stuff, books, geeky stuff and yet more books lol.

My 7 yr old will be Yr 3 next year and will be make or break time for her acedemically as the jump from junior school to middle school is hard enough most kids but when you've got an intellectual disability it makes things so much harder, not that you will hear her complain she has lots of freinds so she doesn't worry about anything else! She is also very easy to buy for...... funky t-shirts and anything to do with horses and she is happy!

My 5 yr old well she is proving harder to buy for this year....... so I'll need to really get my thinking cap on, what do you get a fashion diva, brainiac and all round drama queen (ok she's no worse than many 5yr olds but still!!) oh and has to be cheap cheap! So far I've got cheap bracelets and hair ties......and she has plenty of dressup stuff....... must keep thinking!!

Due to changes in facebooks guidelines to do with the running of competitions, I will no longer run my competitions directly from my facebook page but instead will run them through my blog both directly from blogger and from the NetworkedBlogs app through facebook (for those who don't want to sign up to blogger!
Next competition will be on the 23 Novemeber (NZT)
Details to come!!
For those who have entered the Great Fashion Hunt
Little Kiwis Nest's day is the 24th November!

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