Monday, November 9, 2009

Reindeer and Elves

Well thats what my girls are in the junior school production, one is an elf and one is a reindeer and lucky me gets to organise their costumes.......thankfully though its nothing complicated just pants and t-shirts just not the colours the have in their drawers so now I am trying to find how much brown coloured material I have hidden in my stash to make them out of! Of course thay are getting very excited about it all, wandering around the house singing all the songs until the rest of us go a bit batty.......oh well only 2 weeks till the first performance.

Xmas will be soon be upon us and I have got lots of xmas dress's already cut out waiting to be made, in the hope that people might want to feel a bit more xmas spirit this year...... and what is more cute than kids running around on xmas day in xmas themed outfits! I was even thinking about making a few pairs of shorts with some of the left over pieces as well and if I get time maybe even a waistcoat or two!
Next competiton will begin on the 23 November so stay tuned for more details!

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