Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Pictures ……


While the sky is grey outside and the kids are happily watching a movie and I’ll take the chance to post up some more pictures of stuff i have made.

various 004


This is one of the Xmas Pinafores I’ve started to make, because some times you want something a little bit festive!

This one has little snowmen on it and i have also various 001got a green one with xmas trees on them. They are a size 3, but also look really good with leggings or over jeans as they get a bit shorter! 

Festive type dress’ are evolving out of a family tradition with my kids where i make my daughters a new outfit for xmas each year, so I have begun making them to sell at the markets little lizzies 040as well… hopefully by the time the markets come round again i will have quite a few to choose from!

This particular style would have to be my favourite over the past year and  I have made it in other fabricslittle lizzies 033 as well, with and without sleeves. These two dress’ are a size 4, but i have also made it in a size 6 and size 8. what i liked about this style was how versatile it was, suiting almost any type of fabric or pattern… though the bolder patterns work out real well.

Ok one more picture and then i probably should go get back to work ( and the kids)! This picture is one of my favourite experiments with knitting and it just looked so good my daughter, but it was so little lizzies 074 simple to do. It was made with Bamboo Yarns and felt so incredibly soft, that i went on a little quest to source more bamboo yarns…. and yes i found more yarns in lots of different colours and have begun trying out other ideas and patterns with them!  I called this my Asymmetrical Poncho, because of the way its put together and would most kids from about 2 – 4 yrs old, with they way it sat changing as they grew…. but seeing most people like it this way, I’m going to have to play around with the pattern a bit more!


P.S I’m a feed back junkie and love to get comments on my stuff!!


  1. Feed Back... I love your dresses. The Star material is so appealing. Tell me you have some of that material left.

  2. no i don't I used it all up.... I got it from Spotlight last year!! When it was new it had glitter all of it too, but that stuff doesn't really last after you wash it!