Friday, April 24, 2009

Poppy Day….


I am feeling a bit gutted, today is Poppy Day and the weather is not vey nice for walking up the street to support all the Returned Soldiers. This april 2007 052will probably be one of the first Poppy Days I have missed. Hopefully the weather fines up enough to at least let us go on our annual ANZAC Day picnic at Anzac Bay, Bowentown. It is a very pretty spot!



At least the holidays are almost over, and the kids will be back at school on Monday. It will be good to be able to finish a lot of projects that were started before the holidays. The pile seems to have grown though, as various bits of mending and requests for new clothes are added to it……maybe i can convince my little Fashion Diva, that she only needs a couple of pairs of trousers and not a completely new wardrobe for the winter!

Another advantage of the kids going back to school will be going out for a peaceful coffee with friends!

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