Friday, May 22, 2009

Building tents inside…

My youngest daughter loves building tents and huts inside, usually for just her and her toys while watching T.V…Nothing fancy just blankets and cushions and stools, but she has loads of fun all the same, but on a cold day like it is today it does sound nice and cosy!

Yesterday was a busy day with the older two having their school cross country…neither of them are running superstars, but they compete all the same, my daughter crossed the line  at the back of the pack, waving at everyone as though she was walking on to the Red Carpet at a movie premiere, was very cute! After cross country my youngest and I rushed home to have lunch so I could get here to kindy, before I had to get to a fundraising meeting at school – at which we were reminded to start thinking about ideas for our School Fair/Gala Day to be held in the first term of next year……….more on that later! So not much sewing got done.

Thinking about that, i should really go and get some sewing done now, before my hands get to cold!!

P.S. I should have my new camera by Wednesday at the latest…YAY!!!

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