Saturday, May 16, 2009

Waiting for the Insurance company....

To say yes to a new camera... The drop from the bench at home didn't just break the camera it killed it! Hopefully it gets approved soon, as I'm going into massive snap happy withdrawl without it. Of course Murphy's law is also in play and this weekend was my sons 9th Birthday Party, and yep we have no camera to record the occasion..... might not be a bad thing seeing that our supposed 'Wow' activity kind of flopped... maybe if we had did a bit more research we would have worked out exactly how to ge the best performance out of a bottle of Diet Coke and a handful of Mentos. Oh well there is alwasy next time and the boys still all enjoyed themselves running around on the beach for half an hour!

On the creative front I have just finished making a little ensemble for a friend's new baby girl... (Murphy's Law strikes again), as well as some skirts and are currently working on a funky top! Also need to make so moe winter clothes for my girls, especially trousers and sweatshirts or cardys!


  1. Does someone you know have a camera you can borrow for one day?? I would totally lent you mine if we weren't separated but an ocean!!

    xo Steph

  2. That dam ocean keeps getting in our way!! Lol yes I could borrow one, i just keep forgetting to ask my friend to bring it around!