Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Countdown has begun..........

Its not long now until Little Lizzies begins selling on Little Kiwis Nest, actually all going to plan I should be ready for the September 1 deadline I set myself. I have loaded product, got my head around html code and other than a bit of boring stuff (but very important if I want to make money) still left to do! At this stage I have listed about 10 items but of course I'll keep adding more stuff each week from pile of lovely things already made and of course I'll continue to create more and more fun things! The big one to watch out for would be my Adult sized Asymmetric Ponchos as I have had lots of requests/interest in these.

Now its not long till the end of the month..... and if you want to be into win a little gift for yourself then get inviting your friends to join our fan page on facebook. Once the end of the month rolls over then only our 250th fan will get a gift......but if we get there before the end of the month I will make a second random draw......that lucky person might just be you!

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  1. I am super excited for you!! Your going to be a star!! xo steph