Thursday, August 13, 2009

Helping at School…..

I enjoy being able to help out at school, whether it be on the fundraising committee, parent helping on trips or helping out with costumes at production time! Just recently I have helped out at the school sausage sizzle, money from which helps subsidise the end of year class trips and next term we are about to start planning our end of year Xmas Picnic and School Gala Day for next year…… which will hopefully be just as popular as last year, especially if we can get some piglets to race! But we also like to show the teachers and the rest of the school staff that we appreciate everything they do for our kids, and so this year we started the Fairy Godmother programme, where each week a teacher would be shown a random act of kindness, whether it be home cooked meal, baking, vouchers for a massage etc and the teachers are loving it, with many finding there ROAK, arrives when they really need it. I’m in the process of planning my gift for my ROAK, not so random really as its for my daughters Teacher Aide and I’ve been waiting for her name to come up. She has been with my daughter since she started school and does so much for her from buying birthday presents to providing rewards for her good behaviour at school… so now its our turn. I’m busy knitting up one of my ponchos for her (hopefully the pattern adapts ok) in lovely Storm Grey and Mauve colours……. Do you ever do anything random for your teachers at school, even just a thank you card or flowers from the garden, it might just make there day!


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