Thursday, August 6, 2009

It must be almost spring

The last few days we have been having some beautiful sunny weather and it is starting to feel more like the winterless North again. The extra bonus is that spring weather tends to arrive early here and so does the summer sun..... so fingers crossed the sunny weather is here to stay! Sunny Spring days are not always the hottest with those lovely cooling spring breezes so a perfect way to top off your daughters outfits ......especially those whose daughters think that the hit of sunny means sundress' and tank tops..... is one of Little Lizzies Shrugs!!

My daughter has been enjoying here first few days at school and has settled in just as if she had always being going..... though I suppose with two older siblings it probably feels that way at times. The bonus is that she comes home and does here homework by herself without too much if she could only teach the older two how to do this and life would be soo much easier.

This weekend see's party number 2 happen....yep thats right I have kids with birthdays close together, 4 days between them to be precise. At least this party is way better organised, the 6/7yr old girls are going to be making badges, friendship bracelets and singing their little hearts ou with disney sing it..... think sing star but with all those trendy tweeny disney songs that are around at the moment., if you know who the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montanna and the kids from Camp Rock then you will understand! It might drive us insane but no doubt the girls will have a blast! The cake is baked just got to decorate it tomorrow with lots of glittery icing, to get that whole rockstar effect!

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