Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looking forward to warmer weather…..

……and with it comes the summer wardrobe! What better to add to your children’s wardrobes this year than one of our funky knitted accessories!

littlelizzies 001

This is one of my latest creations, perfect for sunny days over a sundress to keep the sun off the shoulders!

This one is a size 6–9yrs and is a Retro Style Cotton/Viscose blend yarn.


It is shown on a size 8/9 yrs (approx) tailors form, and will drape a little bit differently for a younger child. While the size states 6-9 yrs, it can be worn by an older child as long as they can still get it over their head….again it will drape slightly differently from how it is shown here, but this does allow for longer use of the garment!


……..All the birthday parties here are now finished for the year…yay!! My youngest has now been at school for a week and is loving it! I am having some very lovely me time and are slowly reorganising the house….starting with my girls room. So far I have sorted out their clothes and reorganised their books, the next task will be to sort out their toys!


Next fan page giveaway will be too our 250th fan and if we get there before the end of August I might just do a random draw as well!!

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