Monday, September 14, 2009

My Sewing Machine must be feeling lonely....... its been a few weeks since I have spent any great length of time at it, but that will change as with the coming of Spring and Summer just around the corner, the kids all need a few new clothes.....shorts are especially in short supply (haha)! Time to dig around in my piles of fabric to find some new inspiration for the coming season. On the knitting front I have finished a few more items, though many them still seem to call out for Autumn and Winter rather than Spring and Summer. oh well its always cold somewhere! At least I have a few more balls of cotton yarn and lightweight Acrylic to play around with....thought I might try my hand at knitting up some summer tops!

I have listed quite few things now on Little Kiwis Nest, so if you haven't checked them out yet then toddle on over to the website or you could checkout the blog to keep up with the new stores as they join!

I had fun this weekend trying to get my little fashion diva, to behave while taking more product shots.....lots of them weren't really any good, but then thats the good thing about digital cameras, the dud shots don't cost you anything!

Both of these are available for sale at Little Kiwis Nest.

One last photo to add, just for Steph at MooBear Designs.....I have been meaning to post this up for the last month (naughty me).
My daughter really loves this T-shirt that Steph designed for her, she gets excited everytime she gets to wear it! She's a real horsey girl and loved going to RDA when it was her schools turn! Thanks Steph!!!

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