Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Poncho Finished


The yarn used for this Asymmetric Poncho is a mixture of Cotton and Rayon, in really funky retro green and orange shades.  The good thing about the yarn was that it was knitted on larger needles, and so had more stretch… so I can show you how versatile the Asymmetric Poncho can be!

littlelizzies 001 This Picture is of the Poncho a Tailors Form (approx 8/9yrs). Here the neck has been rolled like a Skivvy (turtle neck)…….

littlelizzies 002Here the orange colour is to the front and the green more to the back with more of a cowl/gathered neckline……..

littlelizzies 003 

Here the green is more to the front, draped more like a traditional poncho and again with a cowl neckline…..

littlelizzies 006 In this picture, to show how versatile they really are, I have put it on my 5 yr old (ok she’s not quite 5…but its only 2 weeks away)…. now she is small for her age and still fits size 4 clothes…………

littlelizzies 011

Notice how the neckline sits wider across her shoulders and again takes on a rolled neckline……

An Asymmetric Poncho can last your child for ages………..!


  1. That's a rockin camera!!! And your poncho is sooo yummy!!

    xo Steph