Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yesterday was a fun day….

Instead of sewing I went to see my daughter do her final session at RDA (Riding for the Disabled), which she was very excited about!! I went out with one of the other mums and stood outside, while the weather tried really hard to rain. Thankfully the rain waited until after my daughters session so we were able to see her and her horse go through their exercises! My daughter has had so much fun participating in this and it has improved her balance no end…… here is a picture I took of her on the horse.molly 014 Don’t you lover her tartan pants!!! 

Today I’m back at the sewing machine and have done some more on my sons trousers….they aren’t going too bad considering I haven’t done a Trouser Fly since I did my course over 6yrs ago…at least the fabrics was cheap so if it looks horrible it wont be a costly mistake…. lol …. but then again my son would probably still wear them just because I made them! Not much more to do on them….but I’ve been banned from the overlocker again by my fashion it might be the weekend before I get them finished!

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