Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am still alive....

just in case my friends out there in the blogosphere had wondered wher I had

We are heading into the last week of school holidays here and the countdown to my youngests 5th not much work has been done. In saying that the needles have been going click clack a lot when I'm not complaining about how cold it is ( I thought it was usually warm in the winter her...not freezing cold). So far I have been playing around with a bamboo/cotton blend scarf...want to decorate it but not sure how or with what, also have finished knitting a lavender Bamboo ribbon shrug (just got to sew it up) and have started on a Cotton/Acrylic Blend Asymmetrical Poncho in pastel pink and purple colours....phots will be coming soon.

I would aslo like to thank all those lovely people who have started following my blog and also to those lovely people who have become fans of my facebook page.... we have almost hit 40 fans!!! It is very exciting to watch. Please remember I love to get feedback so please feel free to comment on all the things you like..etc!


  1. I would love to leave you feed back on everything but then you'll think I am stalking you girl!!

    xo Steph

  2. lol steph...I feel the same way with your blog!