Monday, July 20, 2009

Running Out of Wool

Never thought I would ever say that I ws running out of something, but I am seriously running out of wool. I still have a bit left but its all part enough for headbands and possible a shrug or two, but not enough for my ponchos! Bummer.....oh well gives me an excuse to go looking for more wool this week and Issy wants to go for a ride on the Bus, so we might have to checkout all the new Op Shops we found over in Greerton.... or maybe I could convince my Hubby to take uson a trip to Rotorua so that I can visit Spotlight.......thats right we don't have Spotlight here in Tauranga, its really annoying at times, but its probably better for the bank balance!!

School Holidays are over here so I'm now trying to get back into the routine of sewing/knitting during the day.... though routine is only going to change again in two weeks as my baby turns five and starts school and I'll try and get in some 'Me' time....... cafe's here I come!

1 comment:

  1. I am trying not to buy new supplies at the moment - using up the masses of fabric and notions that I have ... good for the bank balance for sure!

    My baby turns three this week - he won't start school or even kindergarten for another 2 full years, he will be almost five ...

    me time sounds wonderful, enjoy it