Friday, July 17, 2009

Ideas Ideas Ideas…..

Some days I never seem to have a shortage of ideas of things I want to make/create, actually I often have too many ideas buzzing around in my head and struggle to get them all down. More often its while in the process of jotting down idea that another will come to me….. it makes it very hard to remain focused on the first idea and then of course I have to make a decision as to which idea to start first…… that is why around my house there are often lots of projects started but not necessarily finished, doesn’t help that I make my decision based upon whatever coloured thread I happen to have in my machine at the time………..

My latest project I have started

knitwear 007 (but seeing i have pink thread on the machine it may be a few days before it progress’ further.)

This would have to be my favourite piece of fabric at the moment knitwear 010 but its a lining fabric, so I will need to either make a waistcoat

or a jacket to use it…

or come up with something completely different…..

Another Project that I have started is this Scarf,

knitwear 013

Its made from Bamboo/Cotton Yarn, and has been puzzling me for weeks as it needed something but I wasn’t sure what.

I think I’ve figured it out… it needs a Stickpin Brooch to go with it, now I’ve just got to make one…(another idea)

My best score from the Op Shop recently would have to be this cone of yarn.  I think it contains cotton, but not 100% sure.knitwear 006

But it only cost $2.50……. Bargain!!

School Holidays are almost finished, and before I know it my youngest will be at school……. then I can spend my days (well 9am – 3pm) at my sewing machine.

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  1. The dress is looking great and I love the lines!!! Your fav fabric is yummy... almost looks like peacock feathers... Scarf definitely needs a brooch!! Bargain yarn can' go wrong!!

    xo Steph