Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dress Up Day at Kindy

Today was Dress Up day at my youngest daughters kindy…. it was all in the aid of raising money for ‘The Big Night In’ on the 8/9 August. Well it started well the planning for this dress up… first she wanted to be a princess, and then she wanted to be a bat and then she decided on being a fairy princess. I thought well that should be easy, we’ve got plenty of wings floating around the house and there was suppose to be a fairy type dress somewhere in the girls bedroom…..But no we couldn’t find the dress and then when we looked at the wings closer we realised that they really weren’t in a fit state to be seen outside the house……. So it was mum to the rescue, and while I didn’t have time to make a fairy dress, I di however make her some very funky wings….and guess what she won best fairy princess!! Yay me!!!

issys wingsThe winning wings….. I patchworked scraps together and the ironed onto some stiff interfacing…though would love to stiffen it up a bit more so they stayed upright.

Hopefully she doesn’t expect too much for the Kindy disco next week……lol

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  1. haha great read and well done mummy on an awesome pair of fairy wings!! Little Lizzy is a lucky little lady having a super talented mummy xx