Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back and blogging again

Having realised that it had been awhile since my last blog...... last year to be exact.... I thought I had better get myself back into the habit again.

Things have been very busy since my last post...... firstly the xmas holidays which the kids and spent a lot of time at the beach and if I wasn't at the beach I was making and sorting things for the School Gala Day. Once the kids went back to school things settled down a bit at home, bu then there was still meetings for the Gala Day to attend, getting the kids settled into school and before you know it March is here and the end of term is looming ...... time sure does fly.


The school Gala Day is going to be lots of fun with the main attraction being the Pig Races, and they aren't just running down a straight track either, they actually have their own obstacle course to go through including jumps and tunnels. I'm sure the Parents are going to enjoy this just as much as the kids are! Of course there is the usually face painting, bouncy castles and all the fun white elephant stalls ......and me! Yip I have my own stall this year, a mixture of things made specifically for the Gala Day as well as my knitwear. So if you are in the Bay of Plenty area and like to go for a drive with the kids then head to Mount Maunganui Primary School on March 13 for our Gala Day. Begins at 9am with the first race at 9.30am!


But of course that is not the only thing I have been working on... I also have a new project that am working on. It was suppose to be just a smallish side project but the more a sought out peoples opinions the more it has snowballed into something bigger. So now I'm working out just which direction I want to go in. So stay tuned....


Finially of course I have actually been making more ponchos that I will list for sale shortly. I plan to rotate small numbers of stock so has to keep things new and fresh but without feeling the need to be constantly knitting. This is to allow for the time the new project is going to need put into it. I can say that the stuff I have knitted at the moment is very girly with lots of pinks, but there is also boyish colours with blues and browns and all gorgeously soft to touch!

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