Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New listings....... well almost!

I was going to wait until April to list a few new things on Little Kiwis Nest but of course the holidays start in April, so I might just list a couple of things before the hoidays start and before the arguements over who is using the computer begin!

So keep your eye out for this Pretty Pink Aysmmetric Poncho, suitable for ages 2 -5 years and is so soft and fluffy, it will make any little girl feel like a princess!

While you are keeping your eyes peeled for my new listings, don't forget to checkout the winter ranges at the other Little Kiwis Nest stores. You can also sign up to the newsletter as well, so that you are always kept up to date with all the latest news!

After the holidays I will look at running another competition, just need to sort out the hows and the prizes! I will post the details on my blog once I have it sorted.

In previous posts I have talked about my not so little side project and now I think I have it under control (for the meantime anyway) so now I can share it with you all!
This year I intended to write a book about Parenting Kids with Disabilities/Special Needs/Health Issues in New Zealand. Sort of like a handbook, with a combination of useful information and shared experiences of other parents, whom may have kids with severe disability to parents whose kids have dyslexia or Aspergers and everything in between. In the course of researching the market for such a book, I found that parents in this situation all had issues in common, but also wanted information on wide range of topics, and without creating a book that was huge, I had to make some pretty big decisions. So now I have made those decisons and here is my final plan!
This year I am going to:
  1. Write my book and
  2. Write a Blogzine dealing with many of the questions and information wanted by Parents.

and so Hands Up! is born. Its still very much in the early stages, with a few kinks with they layout to sort out..... but I just couldn't wait to share it with everyone!

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