Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Calm Before the Storm................

Today is the last day of school before the Easter Holidays for my kids, and the house has that eerie silence hanging over it, in anticipation of the impending noise that will follow at 3pm. No doubt the first week will fly by as the kids settle into the holidays and enjoy the break from school but normally by the middle of the second week it begins to drag and all they want to do is go back to school. Actually for my youngest she'll want to go back to school as soon as Easter is finished and will probably end up finding homework like tasks to do around the house instead from writing stories, to practising her handwriting, counting anything she can and reading as many books as she get me to sit still for! The of course there is the fight over who gets to go on the computer and for how long.... thankfully these arguements are pretty easily solved with a roster and clock, but it does usually mean that I don't get to do as much stufff as I need too! No that its a bad thing, I do have a list of things needing to be sewn for the kids for the winter season including trousers and pj's plus the things I want to make for myself. I also can make time to try out a few different knitting patterns and techniques and see if there is anything new that I can add to my For Sale list. I would love to experiment with knitted dress's so maybe I'll find the time to do that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Break and those whose kids then have 2 weeks off school, fingers crossed the weather stays nice!

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