Monday, March 29, 2010

Somedays it's all uphill....

Somedays writing my blog can seem real easy, and It just flows on to the page, so to speak, with ease and other days I sit down to type and my mind just draws a blank.... even though I might have lots to say, I just can't find the right words to express it! Fortunately today doesn't appear to be one those days, well not so far anyway.

At the moment I have been playing round with crotchet, now that I seem to have mastered some of the basic techniques. I'm not ready to make anything big in crotchet, even though I've seen some really old school patterns for little dress's and tops in crotchet, I'm content at the moment to play around with making flower type shapes in different types of yarns and colours..... especially now that I've got the right sized hooks for most of the yarns I have, it does make the process so much easier! Of course now I'm getting quite a collection of flower type things and so need to find some funky ways to use them other than turning them into brooches and attaching to elastic headbands. So far I'm thinking of attaching them to some square beanies that I made ages ago and also to knitted headbands I had previously made.....and so far it looks really good. Just need to put some batteries in the camera again and take some pictures of them!Maybe I'll put one of my creations in the prize pack for next months competition.

The kids are busy counting down to the holidays in our house, though they seem to be looking forward more to the idea of Easter and chocolate rather than 2 weeks off school....... my youngest would much rather be at school and now doubt will continue by herself doing maths and reading at home! My eldest will probably spend the first few days wanting schoolwork given to him too and then he'll realise that he can now spend more time on the computer playing his RPG games (he can wish), while my middle child will either just want to watch tv or go to the beach..... well we might go to the beach to build sandcastles but its definetly getting to cold to go swimming, not that it would stop her!
I suppose that means Easter Bunny should get organised and go buy some Easter Eggs.... lol on two more days to do it in before the go on holiday...... hmmm might need to go to the shops on Wedensday! At least the prices wil be cheaper just hope they haven't run out of all the good ones!

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