Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gala Day is over...time to rest

Gala Day went well with lots of postive comments from parents about my stuff and quite a few of the headbands being sold and also a couple of the cheaper knitted stuff. Then again I wans't really expecting there to be a mad rush on my stuff, but next time maybe there will be! To my delight one parent came up to me yesterday wanting a couple more headbands and then later another decided that she would buy the dress she liked...... yeah! So all in all I would say that it was pretty successful, though there is always room for improvement and for that would be how everything is displayed and making sure my clothes rack doesn't continually collapse,.... really isn't much fun having to pick it up all the time, might have to super glue the base together! I also need to find a better way to display my shrugs as they look like scarfs when they are sitting on the stall and need to think of a better way to keep signs on the stand...ok it was windy on Saturday so my signage probably would of worked fine if they didn't keep blowing down!

The weather is definetly a bit more like autumn in the mornings now and what better weather for wearing a poncho on the walk to school! So don't forget to checkout what I have available at the moment on Little Kiwis Nest as I will be changing my stock listings in April so get in quick before they are gone!

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