Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Cross-eyed….

Well that what it feels like as I sit here struggling to unpick a buttonhole that decided to go a bit wonky. Button holes were never something I enjoyed doing, especially on my first sewing machine as it didn’t have an automatic buttonhole function, but my current machine does and while it is a blessing it makes the initial stitches so tiny, it can be a real struggle to see them when things go wrong. Today of course after doing 6 perfect button holes it decides that the next one could be a little bit crooked….too crooked for my liking and so now I’m trying to unpick it so that the machine can try again!

The weather has been pretty sunny here lately, which for winter is really nice and makes up for the very cold mornings. So over the weekend to make the most of the beautiful sun, we went exploring Tauranga a little bit more. We have lived here for just over two years now …well at the Mount any way…and still haven’t explored everywhere yet. Saturday morning we chucked the kids in the car and we went across to the suburb of Greerton (though if they are like us in Mount Maunganui, we don’t like to think of ourselves as a suburb!), and had we nosy around at the shopping centre there. Well I will be planning a trip back with friends sans the kids as they had quite a few Op Shops and discount type stores that really need to be explored/rummaged through more. We also found a delightful cafe that had quite nice selection of GF food…much to my youngest daughters delight…. her eyes almost bugged out when she realised that the yummy looking lamingtons in the cabinet were GF and according to her they were yummy!

I have just realised that I haven’t included any photos for a while….. naughty me, must get snapping again!!

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