Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I keeping running out...

I always seem to keep running out of things when I'm sewing, usually its just the thread on the bobbin. Today I could of done with more bobbins for my machine so that I could easily change colours, rather than waiting for a bobbin to run out of one colour thread just so I can put a different thread on it...currently the bobbin has pink on it and I really need to switch it back for cream.....oh well I might need to pay a visit to the shops next week and stock up on lots more of them, and while I'm there I had better get more open zips so that I can get some jackets finished for the kids too.

Last week I did score another really could find...picked up some really good fabric from the Op Shop really cheap. I got 150cms x 140cms of Blue Denim. 100cms x 120cms of light Brown Denim for $5 all up! Not sure what to do with the blue denim, it will either get turned into pinafores or funky cushions and the brown denim is destined to become trousers for my eldest......so now I also need brown thread on a bobbin..lol

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