Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The new camera is here…….let the snapping begin

And Queens Birthday weekend provided us with lovely weather (though very cold) for trying out all the settings on our new camera!

As promised I have taken photos of some of the clothes and accessories that I have made while i had no functioning camera! So here it goes.

new 082

This is my daughter molly and her new pair of trousers I made for her yesterday…actually I finished them first thing this morning as she decided she wanted to wear new 086them to school! I just loved the fabric as it was so bright, and it being cordoury just made it even better. I’m such a sucker for texture and colour!  And to make it even better it was all on special …gotta love spotlight specials, I got heaps of fabric there over the weekend so are going to be very busy!

Ok back to the photos, and I do have to apologise for the drunken posture of my dummy, she likes to drink! Not really, the kids pulled on the pole a bit too much when it arrived, to try and get it off the boxed and the bent the pole :)

new 072


This one of the pinafore’s I’m doing for Xmas Themed range this year…. Its a really neat pattern as its a simple wrap round design, with options of making it reversible. I have made heaps of these up for my daughters in the past, as they great for pulling on over a skivvy and tights in the winter or as it gets a bit shorter a pair of jeans, and in the summer it can be worn over swimming togs…… Because Xmas is during the summer here, it is lined with towelling…perfect for the beachside Xmas BBQ!

new 091

This lovely White Capelet, would be perfect for that special occasion. It is 100% Acrylic and uses two different textures of white yarn for contrast and has a simple button loop closure.

This one is a Sz 8-9



new 093


This another sz 8-9 capelet/poncho. Again this one is 100% Acrylic, so perfect for spring/summer months. It has a slight cowl neckline, to just make it a little bit different!



Right now I had better go make lunch for my fashion diva, before she has a diva size tantrum about being hungry and running late for kindy!!….will post more pictures tomorrow.


  1. YAY!!!! The camera is back... I have a T-shirt for you too... do you have a colour preference for the shirt? I have done a brown horse silhouette with checkered brown grass... Bear saw it and wants one now too!! Haha...

    xo Steph

  2. That's great... You have wonderful camera. It's picture quality is truly amazing!!