Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today is a very nothing day….

Not much of anything gets done, with my youngest having her first school visit today…boohoo…! She is very excited about it all and when the bell rang she gave me a kiss and waved good bye and ran to sit on the mat with her friends. So between the visit and then kindy this afternoon not much will be done….but once she goes to school i will be free to potter at the sewing machine without worrying about the noise and if I need to go and get more supplies I can just go get them!

Speaking of sewing I have cut out the brown denim for a pair of trousers for my son…might have to go and get some elastic to to give them an adjustable waist as the poor boy is very tall and skinny! I also need to sort out a pattern and fabric to make an outfit for a friend’s little boys first birthday…. I have a couple of ideas but there are only a couple of weeks to do it so I’ll have to make my mind up quick!

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