Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting Ready For a Birthday…….

In just over 4 weeks I will have two birthdays to celebrate… eldest daughter who turns 7 and my youngest daughter who turns 5…Yay!…that is until you remember that there is only 4 days separating their birthdays (yeah I know real good planning) so we always have on birthday party one weekend the and the second party the following weekend. I am also usually really organised for it, but not this year….lol. But in saying that I have now got my elder daughter two of her birthday presents ………

So firstly I would like to thank Steph at MooBear designs for doing a swap with me, one of her wonderful t-shirts for one of my shrugs.molly b'day pressies 011molly b'day pressies 010Isn’t just gorgeous! My daughter is very horse mad and is going to love finding this on her birthday!!

molly b'day pressies 008But that wasn’t all that was in the package from Steph…she sent it in this really nifty bag that she made from a placemat, included one of her fantastic scrappy broaches and a whole lot of crafty things…  

You can find a picture of her daughter Bubbles wearing my shrug and a Pinafore that I also made here.

In addition to this I have also bought my daughter a new Sunhat for school….Ok I know a sunhat doesn’t sound like a very exciting birthday present, but for my daughter sunhats have always been a struggle as her head is quite small so most hats tend to fall off and then I found this wonderful business called Babybanz, through Skout and she has adjustable hats and so of course we ordered one on Wednesday and it arrived on Saturday and its brilliant. Seeing that its a birthday present I haven’t been able to actually try it on her yet, but I have tried it on my other daughter …so here it is….molly b'day pressies 003 molly b'day pressies 004

Its just perfect for our needs and is so light that it will fit in her Chair bag at school with ease! Definitely well worth checking her site out as she also does neat sunglasses and for those whose kids don’t like a lot of noise, she is also now stocking a range of very funky earmuffs….


  1. Your so welcome and I hope you get lots of crafty ideas from the bits and bobs. Funny thing Moo and Bear have 6 days between their birthdays and it's a little hectic around that time too.

    xo Steph

  2. What a wonderful little extra surprise!! So sweet. I hope your darling girls have wonderful birthdays!I'm sure they will be thrilled with the fabulous gifts their mummy has in store for them!