Friday, June 19, 2009

More planning has been done…..

Well in so far as that I have worked out what I want to do with my piece of Blue denim… I was thinking a nice tailored jacket for my almost 7 yr old, and of course it wont be just plain denim, i will work something a little bit funky into it some how! I have also decide on what I want to make for my friends little boy, but now I’ve just got to decide upon the fabric…. blue plaid or lime green cord..hmmm will have to decide soon if I want to get it finished in time for the birthday party next week.

Have had more news about the Market i was hoping to go to at xmas time…and so far it’s looking good! Yay hopefully more details on how if any changes to its structure/layout will affect me will be known soon…and then I can go mad getting things made up! In addition to this market I am planning to run a stall at my my kids school Gala Day next year…if I’m really organised i could turn it into a mini launch….but will have to see how organised I have been… but its a good goal to aim for! That means I’ll need to write up lists to ensure everything is covered and nothing forgotten…luckily I don’t mind writing up lists!

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