Friday, June 5, 2009

I wonder if they make a whisper quiet overlocker?…

It would make life so much easier as then I wouldn’t have the kids telling me to stop all the time, because they can’t hear the TV. Well I suppose thats the downside of a smallish house, where your workspace takes over almost every part of the house… I’ve even commandeered the kitchen table as its getting all the sun and I need to match buttons to a dress……….Maybe I should Clean up the garage a bit more, no wait its winter and really cold in there, think I’ll stick with the status quo!

new 113

I am trying to be more organised this year and have started making up items to sell at the markets at Xmas time…hence the xmas inspired pinafore on the left! Last year it was October when I decided to share a friends stall and only had time to knit shrugs….this time i want more dress’ and pinafores as well!

I have included more classic colours of gold and cream as well the fun xmas inspired fabrics with xmas trees and angels on them. Just something a bit different to Red and Green!

new 117

Now I just need to make sure that each dress/pinafore has a at least one matching accessory!


  1. Your dresses are so cute! They will be just the ticket come summer. The kiwifruit fabric is too cool!
    My machines are loud too but somehow my little one manages to sleep through it. He still can't keep his hands off while I am sewing so I can't do it while he is up.

  2. I am going to try and get some fabric with paua shell pattern/colours on it soon!