Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Soup Day……

Wednesdays are Soup Day in our household, as the girls have netball practice after school until 5pm and it is so much easier just to through everything in the crockpot in the morning and forget about it until its tea time! Tonight its Potato and Leek and its smells yummy already.

Right here are so more pictures that I have taken with my lovely new camera, some of these I’ve probably posted pictures of before, but I wanted to show them on my dummy (who is a little drunk).new 102

First up is the Chiffon Polka Dot Top      (sz 5-6). It definitely looks much better displayed on the dummy! An easy way to accessorise this would be to add a belt to nip in at the waist would look great paired up with denim shorts for the summer!       


new 109



This as also been posted before but again, the dummy shows it off way better, and the new camera catches the detail on the dragonfly perfectly.


new 099


                                                                               This skirt has been made using recycled fabrics and has a plaid pattern at the top and a very fine blue and red floral pattern on the bottom. It is a a size 7-8 yrs.

This photo also shows the drunken lean my dummy has ….which really doesn’t do much for the way the skirt hangs! I wonder if there is a Rehab centre for tailors dummies!!!

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